Quantum Secure Networks Partnership

No. 101080116

Project Abstract

The Quantum Secure Networks Partnership (QSNP) project aims at creating a sustainable European ecosystem in quantum cryptography and communication. A majority of its partners, which include world-leading academic groups, research and technology organizations (RTOs), quantum component and system spin-offs, cybersecurity providors, integrators, and telecommunication operators, were members of the European Flagship projects CIVIQ, UNIQORN and QRANGE. QSNP thus gathers the know-how and expertise from all technology development phases, ranging from innovative designs to development of prototypes for field trials.

QSNP is structured around three main Science and Technology (ST) pillars. The first two pillars, "Next Generation Protocols" and "Integration", focus on frontier resaearch and innovation, led mostly by academic partners and RTOs. The third ST pillar "Use cases and Applicaitons" aims at expanding the industrial and economic impact of QSN technologies and is mostly driven by companies. In order to achieve the specific objectives within each pillar and ensure that know-how transfer and synergy betwee them are coherent and effective, QSNP has established ST activities corresponding to the three main layers of the technology value chain, "Component and Systems", "Networks" and "Cryptography and Security". This framework will allow achieving the ultimate objective of developing quantum communication technology for critical European infrastructures, such as EuroQCI, as well as for the private information and communication technology (ICT) sectors.

QSNP will contribute to the European sovereignity in quantum technology for cybersecurity. Additionally, it will generate significant economic benefits to the whole society, including training new generations of scientists and engineers, as well as creating high-tech jobs in the rapidly growing quantum industry.

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