TAI Earthrotation

Influence of Earth's rotation on entangled photon pairs

TAI 483-N


Project Abstract

How does the Earth's rotation affect the particular features of quantum physics, such as quantum entanglement – Einstein’s spooky action at the distance? Can we use quantum entanglement to determine the reference frame of a laboratory? These are the questions that that this research project aims to answer via quantum experiments. So-called Sagnac interferometers are routinely used to precisely measure rotation, e.g. in inertial guidance applications. However, these experiments conventional laser light without quantum features like quantum entanglement. Recent work in quantum photonics suggests we now have the sensitivity to measure the change in quantum entanglement induced by Earth's rotation. By probing non-inertial effects on entanglement at this scale, we set the stage for future experiments probing gravity with light, and reach a new technological regime for quantum entanglement-enhanced measurements.