We are always looking forward to receiving applications from motivated students and postdocs that are interested in challenging and cutting edge  experimental research in fundamental and applied quantum science. Our research takes place in the environment of the Vienna Doctoral Program on Complex Quantum Systems (CoQuS) and the Center for Quantum Science and Technology (VCQ), which is a joint center of the University of Vienna, the Vienna University of Technology, and the Austrian Academy of Sciences to set new impulses for research through its unique spectrum of research topics.
The experimental work will be dedicated to obtain new insights in complex quantum information processing using entangled multi-photon states and/or tailored light-matter interactions.  Besides focusing on the experimental investigation of quantum phenomena for advanced information processing, our research covers also application-oriented quantum computation and quantum simulation experiments. In collaboration with other local groups we are developing also new quantum technology for optimizing the scalability of optical quantum computing.  


Master Thesis

Candidates should be highly motivated and interested in working on photonic quantum optics experiments. Responsibilities may cover the characterization of multi-photon states using integrated circuits for novel quantum computing or quantum simulations, the design of bright multi-photon sources, the investigation of single-photon detectors based on superconducting technology, and the development of new concepts for all-optical quantum communication and quantum computation. 


PhD dissertation

Candidates should be highly motivated to work on quantum optics experiments using single photons and/or entangled multi-photon states. Research topics include: manipulation of multi-photon entanglement for quantum computation/simulation experiments using integrated waveguide technology, realization of novel quantum cloud computing in a quantum network, optimization of the scalability for the optical processing of quantum information by tailored light-matter interactions.  The application of interested candidates should include a letter of motivation, a detailed CV and the contact addresses for two references.


Post-Doc positions

We welcome applications from candidates with a strong academic record in experimental quantum optics, quantum information processing, condensed-matter physics, superconducting detectors, quantum dots, NV-centers, cryogenics or electrical engineering. Candidates should be creative, highly motivated, and capable of writing scientific papers as well as be interested to work in an interdisciplinary and very collaborative environment. The application of interested candidates should include a letter of motivation, a detailed CV and the contact addresses for two references.