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 Quantum Information Science & Quantum Computation - The Walther Group

  Quantum Secrets: A Glimpse into the World of Quantum Physics

 Sparks of Quantum Physics: Perspectives Shaping the Future

 Philip Walther | on his research group's work at the University of Vienna

  Christopher Hilweg & Bob Peterson | on Gravity-Quantum Interfaces:

 Lee Rozema & Alessandro Trenti | on Graphene Plasmonics:

 Valeria Saggio & Peter Schiansky | on Photonic Quantum Computers:

 Marie-Christine Röhsner & Michal Vyvlecka | on Secure Quantum Computing:

 Maxime Jacquet & Giulia Rubino | on Quantum Causality:

 Michael Trupke | on Solid State Quantum Systems:

 Research Network TURIS - Quantum Aspects of Spacetime