Talk by Elena Negro, La Sapienza University


On January 30th, 2024, Elena Negro, La Sapienza University gave a talk on "Polarization-based quantum Bernoulli factory"


The Bernoulli factory is a process of randomness manipulation of a Bernoulli random variable. In simpler terms, it can be formulated as the following question:
''Given a coin with unknown bias p, can we exactly simulate another coin with bias f (p) provided that we can flip the first coin as many time as we want?''
Previous works had theoretically solved the quantum problem and demonstrated that each simulable function f(p) is a sequence of three basic operations: sum, product and multiplication inversion. In the presented work, such operations are carryed out with some interferometers implemented on a in-bulk photonic platform and manipulating single photon polarization degrees of freedom. For the single operation setups we worked with two photons, while for their concatenation we employed three of them. The work novelty regards the modularity feature of the interferometers, so the possibility of concatenating them and placing them inside wider quantum process.